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From the vine to you

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We take pride in our wines: they are full of flavor, balanced, and true to their place of origin.

Our mission is to craft small lots of wine made from our family estate grown grapes. Our vineyards are our treasure, as that’s where outstanding wines originate. Even the most sophisticated winemaker can merely keep the quality once brought in from the vineyards, so never expect great wines from grapes not ripe and healthy.

Thus, we take the best care possible of our vines – from pruning in early winter, to leaf and fruit reduction in early summer. It all culminates in selecting the grapes by hand several times in succession and a careful processing in the cellar… to provide you with the wines you love.

It’s all about making consistently high-quality, great tasting wine at an affordable price point that goes with pretty much anything.


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Are you interested in getting to know our wines? On the following pages we present our family estate, our wines, and the lovely place on earth we call home.

And if you have become curious and interested in a tasting, just come over to visit! We offer wine tastings and cellar-door sales Monday through Saturday. Please feel free to contact us for scheduling a tasting at either our tasting room, or our romantically situated wine cellar, built over 200 years ago. We are looking forward to getting to know you.


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… where the Pannonian climatespoils the grapes, where dry, hot summers and mild autumn months with warm summer days and cool nights shape crystal clear wines with a fruity nose and a complex body, on the fringe of the city of Vienna, where loess hill chains absorb the sun, where Austria’s largest wine region is just about to begin, here are we and our wines at home.

Our vineyards stretch at the gate to the Kreuttal valley. The roots of the vines dig meters deep into loess dunes deposited here during the last ice-age by prevailing winds. You can take a glimpse on loess when strolling through the Weinviertler wine cellar lanes.